Kit (noir_keller) wrote,

[Deathnote] - Obsession EP

Finally all these goddammned chapters are posted. Once again keep in mind this story was written eons ago, gods I was what - 13? Jesus christ. But even after deleting the story from I've had many people say they still want to read it so... here x__x Hope you guys enjoyed my debut fic. It sucks so bad OTL

The sequel, "Secrets" (which is arguably much better), can be found on my

EpilogueCollapse )
Tags: deathnote, epilogue, fanfic, obsession

  • [Deathnote] - Obsession p26

    Chapter 26 "Goodbyes" .:.ONE WEEK LATER.:. “Kaori, I don't want you to go!” Matt wailed, sitting down on the floor and wrapping his arms…

  • [Deathnote] - Obsession p25

    Chapter 25 “Teaching” Kaori was in her room when Linda knocked on it, saying she was wanted in Roger's office again. Gods...every other…

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    Chapter 24 “Tears” :::...Winchester, England...::: Kaori looked out the common room window at the snow slowly drifting down from the sky; a lot…

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